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Boost your sales (Private Health Services)

Boost your sales (Private Health Services)

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Once the analysis of your customers, your competitions and your competition is done, Indicia will provide you with the tools necessary to optimize your sales. Through localization, our experts will help you identify development or relocation opportunities allowing you to bring your business to its full potential.

What you will provide to us:

  • Address of your business (ies)
  • Excel file with your current customers
  • Lists of your competitors
  • Excel file with your sales for the last years

What we will deliver to you:

All the elements of the "Know your customers" package, namely:

  • Socio-demographic profiles of the current clientele
  • Customer dispersal card
  • Portrait of customers by segment and / or by type of service
  • Recommendations for growth sectors
  • 1 hour of private consultation with detailed explanations of deliverables


All the elements of the "Understanding your customers" package, namely:

  • Comparative analysis with your market


  • Forecast of your sales


✔️ Comparison of your service offer with your competitors (complementary or in competition)

✔️ Projecting your company's performance over time

✔️ Increased understanding of your market share and how to increase it